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Custom Branding Sessions: How Branding Helps Grow Your Business

Custom Branding Sessions: How Branding Helps Grow Your Business

I recently teamed up with Emily Yahn of Tangible Designs, for a presentation to the Vienna Business Association. The topic was “Don’t Improve Your Product – Improve Your Brand.”

Here are some quick headshot and branding points:

Did you know website visitors are 80% more likely to read content on your website if it is paired with an image?

And, 64% are more likely to remember what they read when there is an image that goes along with your content.


That’s why it’s important to have high quality professional photography


So, what makes a “good Headshot?”

Within moments a person seeing your headshot for the first time starts making some computations: Are you trustworthy? Are you likeable? Do you project status? Are you approachable?

Make your headshot say what you want to project to your ideal clients



Refresh Those Headshots!

Refresh Those Headshots!

It’s time isn’t it?

Does that profile image on your LinkedIn Page really still look like you?

Or that realtor image that shows up in all your marketing materials. Would your clients recognize you, or was that three hairstyles ago? If that’s the case it’s time to update your headshots.

Remember the saying “a picture Is worth A thousand words” – overused, but there’s a reason people say it. Your image often precedes an in-person interaction or a phone call discussion with a potential client or employer.

Don’t worry.  Headshots are not the stiff and fake/posey style they used to be. They can actually be fun now and, more importantly, reflect your personality.

A good set of headshots and portraits can help advance your career or create your personal brand.

When I shoot headshots I spend time discussing the type of image you hope to present. We determine whether the simple, plain background will work or you want an “environmental” or “Lifestyle” image. That depends on you and your needs. For more information on the different type of headshots click here. No matter what type of session, we will discuss preparation, outfits, makeup and grooming and even lighting and location.

I would love to help you present your best image, contact me for more information and schedule your session today!

New Trends in Headshots: The “Uber” of Makeup Artists

New Trends in Headshots: The “Uber” of Makeup Artists

This is an interesting new trend in headshots. Not enough time to out and get your makeup done before your corporate headshots or presentation?

On-call makeup artists now come to your office to prepare you for your “close-up.”  Where there’s a need, there’s an app!

This company is starting out in Sacramento, but I’m sure Washington, DC is soon to follow.

Here’s another interesting article on “on-demand” beauty and stylists businesses and apps.