How Head Position Affects Your Headshot

How Head Position Affects Your Headshot

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Clients always look at me like I’m a little crazy when I explain the best head position for their headshot – it takes a little practice – those who have had a session with me, always comment on the “be a turtle” phrase and “head forward, chin down” that it may seem like I say more than a few times.

It’s hard for me to explain from behind the camera how it so changes the look in camera. When I reviewed at my latest session with my affable young subject, Nathan, I saw the perfect demonstration of how this really changes the look of the image.

Now, Nathan is a young athlete –  a college football player, so maybe not the same situation as some of a certain age whose chin and neck are not in their prime shape. But he also has a football players broad neck. When he sits and smiles like he would for a snapshot or selfie (those used to selfies always seem to lean back in their pose – probably due to the phone always being held up and above them), his neck looks larger and his head looks smaller.

But when he does the “turtle,” the head and eyes become the focus of the shot. And that’s what we want to see!

Hope this helps explain things a little!

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